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Dried roses


How to dry out rose petals is perhaps one of the most commonly searched questions on the internet due to the large number of people being in love with roses and wanting to preserve them for as long as possible. Flower-drying has been around for ancient years, with the Egyptians being the first ones to use this technique to make fragrances and cosmetics as well as placing dried flowers in tombs as a sign of respect and unconditional love. It has not been until recently that the trend blew up and became well-known around the world.

There are different ways and techniques to do it, which lead to slightly different results, and if you’re interested in learning about this then the following article will come in handy.

Below you can find the top 3 best and easiest ways to dry out flowers and preserve them for years to come.

1. Air Drying Flowers For Beginners

Drying out flowers is not as difficult or technical as it might seem, but there are a few tips and tricks worthy of having in mind when performing the job. For air-drying flower petals, you’ll need some basic tools you already have in your home: a pair of scissors, a piece of string, a hanger or stick (or anything you can hang the flowers in), and most importantly, your flowers.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to dry out rose petals, or any other flower type you'd like.

  • Remove foliage. If you want to have only the petals of the flower, removing leaves is preferred, but if you like the greenery look feel free to leave them thus they will dry out too.
  • Tie flowers together. Simply grab a few flowers and tie them with the string.
  • Hang them. Attach the group of tied flowers to a string/hanger or anything you can leave them on for some time in a dark environment.

Unlike what most people might think when searching “how to dry flowers” online, they should be left in a dark environment (where airflow passes by) so that the sun can’t alter their colour. You should leave the flowers for about 3-4 weeks to dry, and if you wish to keep them intact even longer, try spraying a bit of unscented hairspray to really lock them in place.

dried flower bunny tails

2. Dry Flowers In The Oven

How do you dry flowers easily and quickly? Using your oven!

Drying out flowers in the oven is a great and easy way to have nice-looking petals that can last some time, but although this method is affordable and can be done at any moment, it is known for damaging the flowers a bit, messing with their colour and texture in some cases, therefore it is advised to proceed with caution.

If you’d like to dip your toes in the world of flower drying, here’s an easy three-step guide you can follow.

  • Remove foliage. Just like other methods, removing unwanted leaves and foliages is preferable.

  • Bake. For a quick-drying method, it is recommended to bake your flowers at about 90°C for two hours more or less. Check within the first hour and if they’re looking pretty dry it is time to get them out.

  • Let them cool off. This is an essential part of the process thus managing the flowers at a high temperature not only can damage their appearance but you can also burn your hands. Wait a few hours and then they’re ready to use.

3. Press Flower Petals

Another excellent and efficient way to dry out flowers is by hand-pressing them. If you’d like to know how to dry out roses and other flowers check out this easy breakdown.

  • Make sure you have the right flowers. Thick-petaled flowers and those that have a flat surface are the ones you should be looking for when pressing, such as roses, violets, and daisies.

  • Prepare for pressing. Wax and parchment paper are two excellent choices for this task, in which you’ll have to lay the flowers flat between two sheets of your paper of choice. Then, apply pressure with a heavy object like a few books or anything you have at hand and leave them on top of your paper and in a dark location for at least a week.

  • Check for updates. After a week, take a look at your flowers and gently replace the sheet of paper with a new one and repeat the steps above until they’re finally dry.

lady dry pressing flowers

The Bottom Line

The art of drying flowers has come a long way since Ancient times, bringing new ways and techniques to perform the ritual for a few pieces to large quantities of flowers. Drying out flowers is a great and fun activity to do on your own or with your family, and when the flowers are finally dry the results can be displayed in your home, office, be mixed in a work of art, and basically, anywhere you’d like.

For big events or special occasions, you should definitely try doing a dried flower bouquet. This might take some time and patience but the results will be unique. If you like this idea but don’t have the time or the motivation to do it, then Florart has the solution for you. Offering exclusive and gorgeous dried flower bouquets for all tastes and likings, Florart has everything you’re looking for in a floral arrangement and more. With one-of-a-kind flowers and bouquets ready for you to enjoy.

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dried flower daisies

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