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Rose Grey

Classic Rose Grey loose leaf tea, is the perfect gift for any tea lover.  Best loose leaf tea / best tasting Australian tea.

This Rose Grey tea is part of a collection of organic loose leaf teas, which come in a range of pretty eco friendly reusable tea canisters. Mix and match the entire loose leaf tea collection, collect all colours and blends or make a tea lovers day with the perfect tea gift.

It was during China's Ming Dynasty that tea artisans first experimented with buds and blossoms, imbuing the loose leaves with essential oils. The tea might be authentically Chinese, but those wonderfully aromatic notes of rose are forever in an English country garden.

With its distinct bergamot aroma and delicate taste, we all know Earl Grey as the classic British afternoon tea. If you're looking for something a little more decadent, you'll love our Rose variety with its elegant confetti of petals. Flavours of bergamot hint at that classic Earl Grey taste, but this is an altogether softer, sweeter style of tea. Just the thing to jazz up teatime.  Rose Grey is a light and elegant brew, while the sweet suggestion of rose and creamy vanilla, add a delightful characteristic twist. 

Contains: Black loose leaf tea, pink rose petals (1%), flavour.

Brew 3-5 minutes at 95C-100C.